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ThePropertyCoach makes people succeed with their Property Investments; we provide independent Property Mentoring, Education, Coaching, Inspiration and Success Tools.
With us you will Fast Track your Property Success so that you can live the life you really want.
Join our Community of Property Fans and get Property Investing Education, Inspiration, Private and Group Coaching, Mentoring and Success Solutions.
You can trust us that we will not sell you or market to you directly or indirectly Properties or Financial Services and Products; we believe in “teaching you how to fish” and not to “give you the fish”.

ThePropertyCoach was founded by Carlo Mariani, successful Property Investor, Entrepreneur and Success Coach.

Women in Property talk

Lauren and her Woman in Property Journey

Wisani after the Joburg Workshop

Eric Thabo 20k in 20 days

Yinhle speaks her mind

Refilwe shares her experience

A highly personalised and customised Coaching Programme to allow you to reach the next level of Property Success. Available both as a face-to-face and remote engagement option. Make the most of your time and money and Fast Track your Property Success
Want to Fast Track Your Property Success? #takeaction #investinyourself #education We hold practical, interactive and fun events packed with knowledge, tips and tricks (from full-day to 2-hour Masterclasses). Join our community and be the first to know and get Early Bird Specials
Join our Community of Property Fans
A 6-month Programme that will transform you into an Advanced Property Investor. A rich experience of masterclass content normally only available to our VIP Private Coaching clients; additionally you get to network with like-minded professionals and develop peer-to-peer accountability. You also get FREE access to my personal Fast Track Success Team and get their services at discounted rates.
Get access to a massive value package, including a minimum 20% discount on Conveyancing Fees, Property Inspection Providers, Rates Troubleshooters, Trust Formation and Management Services, as well as, of course, all of our Property Education services (including ad-hoc one-on-one sessions and Workshops / Masterclasses). From only R 199 per month.

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